About Us

We are currently in the process of attaining charitable status with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). In the meantime, the Saint Arseny Institute is registered as a not-for-profit organization:
Certificate of Incorporation
Canada Not-for-Profit Corporations Act
Corporate Name:
Saint Arseny Orthodox Christian Theological Institute
Corporation Number:
Raymond Edwards
Date of Incorporation:
Purpose of Corporation:
A Not-for-Profit Corporation with the sole purpose of being an Orthodox Christian Theological Institute (School of Learning) primarily for Orthodox Christians in Canada, in order to support and strengthen the Orthodox faith. To provide Orthodox Christian Theological studies for laity and the Priestly Order (Readers, Sub-Deacons, Deacons, and Priests) in the Orthodox Church, as well as for non-Orthodox Christians interested in learning more about the Orthodox faith. The Institute will provide local education in Winnipeg, Manitoba and online education throughout Canada. The Institute will also provide learning via online seminars as an outreach to Orthodox communities in Canada.
Overview of Programs:
Program for Laity - Certificate in Orthodox Theology
Men and women who are interested in taking any (or all) of the 19 theological courses (which are part of the diaconal formation) are encouraged to do so. Completion of all the courses will result in a Certificate in Orthodox Theology.
Reader's Program
A Reader's Program is offered for those who would like to be equipped as Readers in order to assist in the worship services of their parish. This program is also open to anyone who would like to learn more about Orthodox services or anyone who wishes to become a tonsured/blessed Reader in their Parish. The Reader's Program consists of 2 parts: Reader I is for readers and Reader II is for cantors. Students may complete only Reader I or both parts. Please note that Reader I is a pre-requisite for Reader II.
Diaconal Program - Diploma in Orthodox Theology
Those men who have the blessing of the Bishop to enroll in the Diaconal Program may do so on a full- or part-time basis. The 19 courses offered online provide flexibility for mature students who must also work.
Application information and forms available here